FPB 039 How To Build Your Personal Training Business Through Consistent Action

Big Brother Story:  When I was growing up the youngest of four children.  My older brother was a stud baseball player and I wanted to be just like him.  Except I was very small from the age of 11-16, I was short and very thin, so naturally I there where boys who where bigger and stronger then I was, and I would complain to my brother about it.  My brother told me not to worry to just keep focusing on improving and that over time I would catch up to those boys and exceed them, so that’s what I did.  I focus on improving my skills and working hard, and by the time I was a junior in high school I was one of the top players in our area.  This relates to business because it was a lesson I learned very early on about consistently improving myself and pushing myself to new levels, and how you can apply this principle of consistent improvement to yourself and your business.

Freshman Boys Basketball Story:  I’ve coached freshmen boys basketball for the last four years, and I absolutely love it.  Over the years I’ve had some great teams, and others that have struggled.  This years team has been one of my most challenging and rewarding all at the same time.  This group of boys came into the season with very basic skills and where losing games by 30-40 points.  So we took them all the way back to the basics and drilled them over and over.  Now as we are coming to the end of the season these boys are competing against teams and even beat some of the teams that had killed us earlier in the season.  This applies to your business because of the importance of going back to the basics and taking the actions you need to take your business to the next level.  Also the importance of being coachable and how important that is to your success

College Baseball Story:  Sometimes you have to put in extra work with your weaknesses in order to improve yourself.  This is what I had to do in baseball and with my business.

“Small Wins Creates Confidence.” Eric Lofholm:  Go out there a string some small wins together and watch your confidence grow.

Look at your business as a 1000 brick wall that your are building one brick at a time and focus on laying that brick everyday and before you know it you will have that 1000 brick wall I.E. The business and life of your dreams with all of your systems in place.

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