FPB 040 How To Hire Effectively, The In’s and Out’s

2016-05-10_1919In Today’s Interview I interview Jodi Rumack. Jodi is a fitness business Maximizer and is super passionate about helping industry leaders, top fitness professionals grow their business and reach multiple 6 figure businesses.

Quote: “Hire people brighter than me then I get out of there way.” Lee Iacocca

Jodi’s #1 Key to Business Success: Hire the right people and delegate out, and Empower your team to run your club.

How to Hire The Right People

How does an owner know when it’s the right time to hire?  Do the hiring when you are not completely full.  Before you are over booked.  Bring them on as a part time staff member or as an intern.

3 months of a cushion when you bring on a new team member.

How do you know who you should be hiring?  Figure out what’s important to you.  Look at characteristics you are looking for and when your hiring a new staff member especially your first hire look for someone who’s skills that are opposite of yours.

How to Keep Staff members happy and productive?  3 words get, keep, and grow.  Goal setting for staff members get to know what your staff members members goals are.  Empower your staff to make decisions.

How to Reward Staff Members?  Learn how they want to be recognized, and what they are motivated by.  Recognition goes a long way.

What to have in place before hiring?  Have a contract, When are they starting, it there a probation period, vacation, what are they getting paid.  Have expectation and rules in writing.

Best way to bring a staff member on board?  Sit down with them and set goals.  Have a schedule for your staff with expectations, continuing education, and what the vision of the business is.

How do you know what to focus on each week?  Set a 90 day plan with specific goals.  Set a top 5 top things to get done for the day.

How to get more done in a day and be more productive?  Chunk your time out and focus on getting one task done at a time.

Learn how to delegate, have staff members shadow you, and then hand over the task.

Book Recommendation:  One Minute Manager By Ken Blanchard, Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability Kerry Patterson, The E-Myth By Michael Gerber

How to Build the Right Culture?  Listen to staff members Ideas and Concerns, so that they have a voice. and acknowledgement.

Hire slow and fire fast:  Take your time to hire the right staff member, and fire fast if they are not a good fit.  You can hire fast if you are organized.

Hiring Process:

  1. Phone Interview
  2. Then in person interview
  3. Practical interview

Independent Contractor VS an Employee:  Employee you dictate what happens within your business, and are responsible.  Independent Contractor you only have control over the results.

How you can connect with Jodi characteristics. Her Website. www. jodiurumack.com/multi6-fig or FaceBook

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