FPB 041 How to Build Your Dream Fitness Business

In today’s interview I have the privilege of speaking with Mr. Rick Mayo.  Rick is the opposite of the ‘starving artist’ gym owner/trainer. As the owner of one of America’s most profitable gyms per square foot He’s not afraid to take a day off every once in a while! Through North Point Personal Training Systems, He has licensed his successful business model to many health clubs worldwide,and have helped countless struggling gym owners to see the light. He believes that running a successful club and having a personal life should not be mutually exclusive.

Rick’s Favorite Quote: “It’s easy I skate to where the puck is going and not to where the puck is now.”  Wayne Gretzky

Quotes Meaning To Rick: He believes in our industry a lot of us follow what everyone else is doing and he believes you should review your business and see what sets you apart.

Rick’s Number One Key to Business Success:  Is having systems for how you operate your business, and second having the discipline to stick with your systems.

How to Build Your Dream Business?  There are going to be periods of time when you will have to surge and hustle when you first start your business and that is okay, as thing develop you be able to find the right balance. The only way this will happen is if you develop and have the right systems in place for your business.  You will need other people and you will be able to tell them this is how we do things.  Get all of your systems on paper and you can leverage other peoples time.  Your business is not scalable until you can duplicate yourself in someone else.

How can I build systems and manuals?  Rick hired someone for $15 bucks an hour and had them follow him around for a day and had them document everything he did throughout the day, and that became his first manual.

Systematize Your Business includes everything from opening to closing your business and everything in between.  Rick recommends starting with putting your training philosophy and programming on paper to start your systems and get the ball rolling.

How can Personal Training Business Owners Build Layers into their Business?  There are 4 layers.

  1. Train on your Own Client/ Online Client  Program Design $99 a month
  2. Large Group Training 15-20 People $149 a month unlimited
  3. Small Group 2-4 Clients $320 a month
  4. 1 on 1 Training Set at a High Price

Step Selling, leads people to go deeper with you and increases the lifetime value of your client.  Create a lower barrier of entry for someone to do business with you.

Formula 75 square feet per person for large group training.  Example of 2000 square feet with 1200-1500 square feet of usable space is 20 people.

How can a personal training business owner stay ahead of the curve and beat out their competition? Stick with what you are good at, and differentiate yourself from what others are doing.

Rick’s Golden Nuggets?  Build systems and learning to leverage other peoples time and the skies the limit.

What are you currently reading?  What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro

Favorite Business Book?  The E-Myth Revisited Michael Gerber

How to Connect with Rick?  Visit him on the web at www.rickmayo.com

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