FPB 043: 3 Keys to Studio Owner Success

Ashley Selman Profile PictureIn today’s interview I welcome special guest Ashley Selman.  Ashley is the founder of Evolution Trainers, a 14,000 square foot personal training and sports performance studio. Ashley founded Evolution 10 years ago, starting with six trainers. Within three months, the business was profitable. Today Evolution Trainers is a world-class team of more than 40 expert health and fitness professionals serving 500+ clients. Over the past decade, revenue has increased over 500% and profits have grown year over year.

Ashley’s keys to success: include having a crystal clear vision, understanding key financials for success, creating a world-class facility, attracting and retaining top trainers and clients and cultivating a unique and strong culture.

Ashley’s Favorite Quote: “Your mind has the power to do things that your body alone can’t do”.  It all starts with having a strong clear mind.

Ashley’s #1 Key For Business Success:  Have a clear vision of what you want and why.  You have to understand the numbers and finances, and the #1 key to long term success is your team! You have to have a great team around you to grow your business.

How to build your team?  Be very clear about who you want on your team.  What is your trainer avatar?  With a clear vision of who you want on your team you are more likely to attract the right fit for your business.

Ashley’s 3 Keys to Studio Owner Success:

  1. Having a clear vision for your business.
  2. Understand your numbers. What’s your break even number.
  3. Having a  Solid Marketing plan, and having multiple streams of revenue.

Ashley’s Golden Nuggets? Have a great community with in your studio, and it helps build your business through retention and referrals

What are you currently reading? Loyalty to Your Soul

Ashley’s Favorite Business Book: Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

How to connect with Ashley? You can connect with Ashley at www.ashleyselman.com and learn about her coaching programs. On Facebook under Ashley Selman, and Evolution Trainers.

Having a business mentor and coach is a huge part of being successful and growing your business.  So find a coach or mentor that resonates with you.

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