FPB 44: Fit Pro Business Podcast Relaunch and New Direction

Sorry for the delay of this latest episode it’s been about little over a year since my last podcast.  I am relaunching the Fit Pro Business Podcast and I will be delivering in the trenches, relevant content on mindset, marketing, sales, and systems that will have an immediate impact on your business.  This is not going to be theory or old useless information it’s going to be current useful information that fitness business owners like you and me can use to help increase our revenue and reach.  The 4 topics I will be focusing on are

#1: Mindset

#2: Lead Generation

#3: Sales

#4: Systems or leverage.

What information are you interested in?  What information or help do you need in your fitness business?  Let me know so I can cover it on the show and bring in special guest experts that can help us.  Send questions to [email protected]


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